Discover Rome (again!)

See a lot in a short time. Bike Tours in Rome is a novel and agreeable way to discover the city with an English-speaking guide.You'll be guided through and past the most beautiful places in and around the city and get interesting information about the various historical buildings and locations. Suitable for young and old, and with a variety of tours available, Bike Tours in Rome is the perfect way to make get to know with the city on arrival. There are many ways to discover Rome. Read more >

Afternoon City Centre Tour

  • 45 euro p.p.
  • 13 km
  • 4 hours

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Private Tours only; children's bikes and small mountain bikes are available, these are of course only suitable for a child who is a confident independent cyclist.

Child seats (free)
For children between one and four years old we have seats in front of and at the back of a parent's bike
* Front seat up to 15 kg (33 lb)
* Rear seat up to 22 kg (48 lb)


Children between five and eight years old can travel in a trailer behind a parent's bike.

Children's bikes
From the age of nine children can ride a bike themselves under a parent's supervision.

Gender* Age* Length (cm)* Options X
Electric (+ €7,-)
Front seat up to 15kg (33 lb)
Rear seat up to 22 kg (48 lb)
Trailer, (between five and eight years old, max 77 lb)
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