Discover Rome (again)!

See a lot in a short time. Bike Tours in Rome is a novel and agreeable way to discover the city with an English-speaking guide.You'll be guided through and past the most beautiful places in and around the city and get interesting information about the various historical buildings and locations. 

Suitable for young and old, and with a variety of tours available, Bike Tours in Rome is the perfect way to make get to know with the city on arrival. There are many ways to discover Rome. You can travel with the two metro lines, on the bus, the tram or by train. There are also plenty of very affordable taxis. You'll spend most of your time walking, which is the way most tourists get to know the city. The Romans do a lot of walking themselves, and even the elderly can often be seen pottering around the narrow streets. 

But there's also a great alternative: you can bike through Rome! 

The idea of cycling in Rome may conjure up images of busy traffic and the notorious attitude of Italian car and scooter drivers. On our Bike Tours safety is a priority: helmets are mandatory and will be provided free of charge. 

In Rome you will cycle on the pavement (“sidewalk”), through narrow streets and, where possible, on the road itself. The English-speaking guide knows their way around and gives clear directions, and Romans are considerate of groups of cyclists. Additionally, your guide will provide information about the various historical buildings and locations during an assortment of brief stops on route.